06 May 2019
What is an API

What is an API?


Did you hear someone just mention it. So in this piece I will try my best to demystify “what’s an API”.

Firstly let’s agree on this…

Since we are humans, we need to socialize. And to socialize we need to communicate.

Ok that sounds fine but what about our creations, do they inherit our social attribute too?

Well a hell yes! How else would you explain the phenomenon called “Internet of Things” or for that matter even “Internet”. All these creations are an outcome of our constant craving to stay connected and socialize.

But then how do different applications or devices talk to each other?
That’s where our good ole creation API comes into play.

So API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface, literally speaking an interface for a Program / Application to talk to another Program / Application.

Now let’s see a popular example of how APIs actually works.

One of the best examples of how multiple applications talk to each other using an API is the sign up screen of an application. In our case, let’s take the example of Uber mobile application. You can sign in on Uber using your Facebook or Google id. But how’s that possible?

VAYUZ_Blog_What is an API

So we are talking about multiple applications here (fb, google) talking to Uber so that an end user can conveniently sign in to Uber. All this is possible cause both Fb and Google provide API’s, which can be used by other applications to facilitate sign-in ability on their applications. So in a way API enables collaboration in the technical realm.

That makes me wonder isn’t life all about collaboration too?

The more you collaborate the better you get. Technology is no different! You don’t have to build everything from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Sometimes all you need is your friendly neighborhood API (oops that was a fan boy moment).

Hope you want this piece worth your time, if you have a different take on APIs then do comment below.

Till we meet again, keep discovering the world around and do that without a wish list. Trust me it will give you a much wider perspective. In between if you need any help with APIs then give us a shout here.

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