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About Core PHP

Core PHP is the basic PHP which uses the PHP script in its purest form. It is a well-liked server side scripting language which is used to add a functionality to websites that HTML alone can't reach. It is quite popularly used for professional web development projects and can work without any extra library. It is very important to learn core or principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications. The reason for using it is that it provides stability to a website. With excellent structural stability.
Core PHP based web applications are seamless to be used and effective to be deployed for various purposes. Core PHP must be known first to use a framework because without knowing PHP one would not be able to use a framework anyways. It provides great intractability and uniqueness to websites but it demands real skills of seasoned PHP developers. With the advancement in the PHP language, more and more web application technology is becoming dependent on this technology. Being an open source development technique, a number of open sources customization techniques can be applied to this language in order to make it more user-friendly and better for business.

About Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful open source PHP framework created in 2006, capable of creating powerful websites. It is an open-source PHP web application framework which can be used for rapid development without the overhead of having to constantly build reusable components. It provides both, a logical structure and a reusable interface to libraries which are written to perform common tasks. CodeIgniter was born in Expression Engine, essentially a set of refactoring classes originally written for the EllisLab flagship CMS. Stripping out application-specific features, CodeIgniter has become a simple and elegant toolkit that enables the rapid development of Web sites and Web applications, attracting thousands of talented PHP developers.
Any web applications developed based on CodeIgniter framework perform effectively and rapidly. It features a built-in set of libraries that eliminate the need of writing long codes and assists in developing the project much faster. It helps the programmers to build dynamic and custom web applications with an advanced technology platform by offering valuable set of aspects to write code from scratch. It provides seamless rapid development, easy to use and feature-packed applications along with an e-commerce friendly environment. As a feature-packed framework, CodeIgniter enables the developers in delivering the solutions tailored to client's requirements.


Laravel is one of the most popular undertakings of the PHP framework. Laravel framework has an amazing, faster, hassle-free routing, powerful queue library and simple authentication that gives an elegant way for PHP maintenance. It has everything that a developer needs to build a complicated platform in the most secure, scalable and fastest possible time. Laravel speeds up the development process provides very secure authentication tools, enables dynamic use all around and its extension ability using multiple modules or ‘bundles’ have made it much in demand.

Laravel has its own lightweight template engine called “Blade”, it has elegant syntax that facilitates tasks you frequently need to do, such as authentication, sessions, queuing, caching and restful routing. It comes with built-in tools for security which makes your website development more future proofed and reliable. Laravel also includes a local development environment called Homestead that is packaged as a Vagrant box. Laravel delivers PHP class automated loading in the Laravel PHP framework doing away with the need for inclusion paths and manual maintenance. It is built specifically for server-side programming. With Laravel, interactive and innovative websites can be built, if you are looking for an exceptional quality website, Laravel is one of the best options.
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About WordPress

Regardless of the myriad of choices available on the Internet, WordPress maintains its uniqueness and pride not only for developers but also for users. WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms in the world, and WordPress not only offers the most advanced plug-ins available today but also provides previous plug-ins. Since launching WordPress, it has served as a leader in other web development platforms. With over 12,000 plugins and countless themes available, WordPress lets you customize thousands of new websites. WordPress is not only free, but also very interesting to learn. Fresh website developers and engineers can practice their skills for free on WordPress and enjoy the fun of tools, themes and plug-ins. WordPress offers several ways to customize your website.

The WordPress theme covers almost all areas, making it easier for engineers to work on the development. With amazing backgrounds, themes and easy-to-use plugins, network engineers like customizing their business and websites on WordPress. As the network is moving to smaller screens, it becomes crucial that the site be mobile friendly to bring business to everyone. You can get your website responsive to different screen sizes or select a special mobile responsive WordPress plugin. It also provides security.

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  • Talent Management Platform (Middle East & AUS)

    You took my project as your project, my goals as your goals and worked very hard. You exceeded my expectation and your team was very wonderful. Working with you and your team was a cakewalk for me. And I hope that VAYUZ will stand best amongst the rest.

    Suneel Thumati, Founder Ocean ProLinks
  • Healthcare Eco-system (IND)

    They have been with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend them for their understanding not just of Technology but also the Healthcare sector, which made a huge difference to us. And of course, they are always available. They are valuable partner in our journey to success.

    Shubho Sen Gupta, Cofounder Pink Shastra
  • Social Enterprise Application (RSA)

    They have this core outstanding professional who brings you into their innovation and picture the exact mind in your head. And they could also correct few things and elevate the picture in your mind to make it more profound so that people can desire that product.

    Collins Bugingo, Partner
  • Big Data Solution (USA)

    I cannot tell you how responsive and knowledgeable they were for the Software platforms I was looking at to reach my Companies goal. Pooja and team, I thank you very much for all your help and lending to me some of your knowledge.

    Darcell Klesper, Founder Infosector
  • Booking Management and Scheduling Platform (IND)

    VAYUZ is just not a company, which is working on any particular product. It’s a company that gets themselves associated with the people they are working with. So we are actually like a FAMILY. The way all of us are working together, I don’t think any other company would have worked like that. And they have been doing the really wonderful job.

    Mukul Mathur, Cofounder Wedding Wazir

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