Case Studies


Boaters and Water Enthusiasts

The Netherlands has a rich nautical heritage and a vast network of navigable waterways with some areas having better connectivity by water than land. VAYUZ developed a mobile based ecosystem, a Netherland based shipping and maritime company, to empower boaters with critical functionalities to navigate through the vast waterways with ease.

Industry: Maritime

Court Management System

Courts and reporting agencies need an improved method by which they extract, organize, analyze, and report case management data. VAYUZ architectured a business intelligence solution, for a US state court, entities so as to streamline, centralize all data collection, supply data analytics, predictive modeling, and make it easier to retrieve information from different databases.

Industry: Law & Legal

Recommendation Engine

There’s always so much happening around the world every day, that a news reader can easily be overwhelmed by amount of content which is available to read. VAYUZ, via its big data technology allowed a leading daily, To carry out in-depth analysis of system logs, activities, and customer behaviors through its websites, and to better cater to consumers as per their area of interest.

Industry: Ecommerce

Fashionistas & Style experts

The domestic fashion and lifestyle market is growing at a rapid pace and so is our dilemma and indecisiveness on our own Fashion Statement. VAYUZ developed a mobile based messaging solution, for an emerging Fashion & lifestyle startup, to connect people looking for fashion help with Style experts.

Industry: Fashion and Lifestyle

Social Media Platform

The Big Data ecosystem is vast and choosing the correct technologies is critical. Many big data projects fail because of improper design.There was a need for an efficient system that could Merge data from various channels / online databases, run analytics, meet an SLA for data ingestion and processing as well as online query times. With these requirements in mind VAYUZ re architected the company’s application by installing a Big Data platform to store the data from various social media outlets and a fast ingestion application moved the data into the new platform on which analytics could be directly run.

Industry: Collaboration

Foodies & Homechefs

A foodie’s undying hunger and the love for home cooked meals has lead to the concept HomeChefs. VAYUZ, has created a semi a messaging app solution coupled with chat bot functionality for foodies to connect and order with their choice of Home Chef.

Industry: Food & Beverage

Beauty & Wellness

Fast growing and prolific, the beauty & wellness industry is built on products and services that help us look and be our best. Beauty and wellness industry has been an early adopter of technology. VAYUZ, developed a discovery platform for the consumers in APAC region, allowing them to discover, select and avail the services offered by their choice of Beauty & Wellness experts at their comfort.

Industry: Beauty & Wellness

Alternate HealthCare

Allopathic treatment still captures a major market, there are some trying to revive the knowledge, treatment and spread awareness of the AYUSH way of life. VAYUZ developed a web and mobile based ecosystem for a startup promoting Alternative treatments by allowing their consumers to schedule an appointment and receive treatments with a panel of AYUSH experts.

Industry: HealthCare

O2O Commerce

O2O appeals potential clienteles from online channels to physical provisions. This is a new world of local deals, where marketers are trying to drive people online to buy offline. VAYUZ has developed a mobile based O2O allow the consumers to discover and purchase deals and offers from the vendors registered.

Industry: O2O Commerce

HR & Recruitment

Hiring a suitable candidate for your organization is always a challenge and more so in case of the marine industry. VAYUZ developed a web based platform to streamline the recruitment process for both the applicants and the employers, related to the marine industry only.

Industry: Marine, Recruitment

News & Media Analytics

Today it has become hard to validate information that is being published by the responsible media houses over the web. VAYUZ has developed a Media Analytics platform that aims to provide analytical data with quantified insights into media biases and helping filter propaganda from facts.

Industry: News & Media