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VAYUZ_Technovation at work

Way of a VAYUZer
Technology is an enabler, it’s supposed to do a simple job…..Make things happen.

A normal VAYUZer will be passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, always driven by a “bug” to know more and get answers to all the relevant “whys”.  Our success is based on our people – on their meticulous approach, their never ending passion, their readiness to discover new paths to find a solution and their never ending hunger to learn more. We compete to excel but we bask in the glory of each other’s success.

Our Culture
For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

We are a flat organization, no room for hierarchy or nepotism. Everyone has the same voice and the equal opportunity to make an impact of their own. We are committed to build great solutions and secure the best possible cooperation of every team, concept, technology, and resource. As a team, we love hanging out with each other, watching movies, playing football, sharing our food, dreams and passion.

VAYUZers - Beating the Delhi Sun

VAYUZ_Project Management Office-Time, Plan, Quality

Our Mantras
Respect TIME, PLAN Well And Deliver QUALITY.

We believe in the talent and abilities of our people and their potential to change something. At VAYUZ, we spend a lot of time talking to each other to find ways and means of translating “Big Thoughts” into “Reality”. We like to be agile, nimble and light, thus creating small project groups to handle projects in a more effective and efficient manner. 

Life in Noida
Life in a metro it is but there is a certain harmony about the chaos here…

Living and working in Noida is an extraordinary experience. Working in Noida means enjoying all the benefits of Delhi – India’s National Capital. Powered by a robust infrastructure and a thriving technology economy, Noida is a place to be in for a tech enthusiast. Not to forget the great metro connectivity, awesome food courts, asia’s biggest malls, vibrant night life, recreation hubs, F1 Track, countries best movie halls and loads of other stuff you would love to get your hands on.

VAYUZ_Working in Noida

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