21 Aug 2020
Why is technology very essential to our daily lives?

Why is technology very essential to our daily lives?

The kind of life we are currently enjoying because of technological developments.

Technology improved our lives and the present things are now better faster, easier, and more convenient. Technology made revolutionary changes to our lives. The invention of the telephone is yet another important milestone in technology development.

Technology fulfills all our daily life needs. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone is dependent on Technology to lead an easy and comfortable life.

Technology is being used in our daily life, and with time technology has grown a lot. Almost all are using Technology in the form of Smartphones and the computer. I want to mention some of the major fields where we are using Technology.


Technology plays a very important role in our education system. Now, many technical schools have been opened. We are using computers widely in all institutions. The technology works very efficiently for teachers to handle report cards, grading papers, and some other very important records. Technology has changed the common life, now you can do a lot of things sitting at home which was not possible before.


Technology has changed our lives affecting key sectors of society such as transportation, health, business, and communication. Over the years, communication methods have evolved from simple text messaging and audio calls to more efficient video calls and chat platforms that provide other communication services. Technology has given us very convenient options.


Technology can make any family or business feel safer. There are many security devices and software available to secure your financial data, protect your home when you are away, and much more. Technology is important because it makes you feel more secure with every area in life for both personal and business reasons.


Supplies such as fresh water and food because technology can help to deliver goods to people that might not otherwise be found. With apps that allow you to order water-providing or robust technology-driven devices in towns, more supply is available due to technology. Now, we can sit at home and ask for food through the app, because of technology, it has become very easy to buy and sell items.


Today, no one doubts that technology and travel are the right combinations. This combined force also plays an important role in our way of traveling: all the ways we once did, from the holiday destination we chose, and even after we returned from our adventure. It is so prevalent, that according to a Google Travel study, 74% of travelers plan their travel on the Internet, while only 13% still use travel agencies to prepare them.


The Internet plays an important role in the entertainment industry, Technology provides an easy and cost-effective source in today’s world. The technology provides a dual experience of entertainment and learning. It gives you easy access, you can have easy access anytime, anywhere. Through technology, entertainment becomes more innovative, and More alternative options are available at a time for entertainment: movies, games, etc.

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