26 Apr 2017
VAYUZ_Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Stitch in Time, Saves Nine

Read this post till the end, I assure you that it will leave a positive impact on your life.

Last week at VAYUZ, we decided that instead of writing stereotypical blogs we will focus on sharing our daily experiences and learnings. All VAYuzers (that’s what we call everyone at VAYUZ) were asked to share some interesting findings and I was assigned with the all important responsibility of selecting what all will be finally published.

Ankit is Mobile Engineering Lead @ VAYUZ Technologies

Meet VAYuzer – Ankit a.k.a. Hathorey

I chose this particular write up cause Ankit, who is also our Mobile Engineering Lead, shared a very interesting observation. His findings, I felt had a universal feel to it.

Why universal?

We as humans have a tendency of ignoring issues of small magnitude without realizing that these small issues compound into something larger and bigger. We tend to forget the age-old adage that at the end of the day we are nothing but sum of all our parts.

Here’s what Ankit had to share.

Everyday I lose few precious minutes on activities, which although look very simple and small on the outside but are impacting my overall productivity..
Net Connectivity & Network Lag
  • Frequency: Depends how many time we are away from the main floor
  • Daily Time Wasted (DTW in mins): 30 mins (atleast)
  • Weekly Time Wasted (WTW in mins): 150 mins
  • Issue Impact: Typically everyone
Slow Gradle Building
  • Frequency: Once a day
  • Daily Time Wasted (DTW in mins): 45 mins (sometimes even 60 mins)
  • Weekly Time Wasted (WTW in mins): 225 mins
  • Issue Impact: Typically everyone in Android Team
Availability of all Phones for Testing
  • Frequency: Once a day
  • Daily Time Wasted (DTW in mins): 15 mins
  • Weekly Time Wasted (WTW in mins): 75 mins
  • Issue Impact: Typically everyone in Mobile Engineering Team
Data Cable
  • Frequency: Once a day
  • Daily Time Wasted (DTW in mins): 5 mins
  • Weekly Time Wasted (WTW in mins): 25 mins
  • Issue Impact: Me for sure, need to change my cable
Workstation Aesthetics

This is not an issue but I think my workspace is more Desktop friendly than Laptop. Sockets are under the desk, which I believe should be above the desk.

  • Frequency: 3 times a day
  • Daily Time Wasted (DTW in mins): 12 mins
  • Weekly Time Wasted (WTW in mins): 60 mins
  • Issue Impact: Everyone who is on laptop but are using this workstation

Total Time Wasted in a week (in mins): 535 mins

Total Time Wasted in a week (in hrs): 9 hrs approx


Every week we waste a complete day.

Stitch in Time Saves Nine, in the case of Ankit we could nearly save 4 days in a month or 48 days in a year. Thanks Ankit for sharing this brilliant observation.

My message to the readers, why don’t you try this in your life – personal or professional, it really doesn’t matter. It might help you in taking care of your Achilles heel. While we continue to focus on the bigger things in life sometimes it’s the smaller, unknown, unmeasured and untracked items, which become our Achilles heel.

Try it and let me know, what happened next!

Till we meet again, KEEP SHINING!

About Philomathes Jigyasu

Philomathes (pronounced as fillo-MAY-thus) is a fictional character at VAYUZ (https://www.vayuz.com), who is on a never ending journey called “LEARNING”. In a way, Philomathes embodies VAYUZ - Way of life, which is if you are not learning then you are not breathing. The word Philomathes, comes from the Greek roots philo and philein meaning "to love" and the Greek roots mathos (MAH-thos) and mathesis (muh-THAYSIS) meaning “learning”. Philomathes through his Blogs and Vlogs (Video Blogs) will share his experience, learnings and thoughts. In his tryst to learn and understand, he would also seek answers to questions. So if you would like to join him in this incredible journey called “ life” then feel free to write to him on philomathes.jigyasu@vayuz.com. Always remember, knowledge is all around us, we just need to keep our guards down and senses on.


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