17 Apr 2017
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People will Download Your App, here’s how?

Built an app? Want it to be parked on everyone’s mobile phone? Here are few best practices you need to incorporate in your App listing strategy to achieve your business objective.

According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered general browsing or simple search on the store.

Ease of App discoverability should consequently be of paramount importance if you want to maximize chances of your App to being found.

App Store Optimization is the way forward

What SEO does for Websites, ASO does it for Mobile Apps. In a nutshell, ASO improves the visibility of your app in the app stores. App Store Optimization’s main objective is to enhance an app ranking with the final goal of increasing its organic downloads. I will dwell more into ASO in my follow up article. But in this article. I will run you through few best practices (part of ASO) we follow at VAYUZ  to make your Apps stand out amongst competition.

  1. App Name

    Algorithm on both Play Store and App Store give a significant weight to Keywords so include the most important and relevant keywords for your app. Include Brand Name and 1-3 Keywords.

  2. Details

    Too long is a problem, too short is a problem again. Try to organize and present in a manner, which is easily readable. Showcasing features and benefits in bulleted format is strongly recommended.

  3. App Screens

    Use the provided number of screens to showcase your best features. Never show screens, which don’t showcase a feature of your app. Please note the screens also act as a walk through for a user, easier flow would mean higher conversion.

  4. App Icon

    Keep it simple and try to create something original, not necessarily unique. At VAYUZ, as per our Design practice we typically suggest simplistic designs for logo, which even a kid can draw on a piece of paper. Always remember higher retention implies better brand recall.

  5. Updates

    Will you download an app, which was last updated 3 months back? I guess not! So regularly update your App and make sure that every update includes release notes.

  6. Ratings

    Rise or drop both needs to be monitored and actioned promptly. Always encourage existing users to rate your app. At VAYUZ, we have designed a special in the app flow to capture user rating.


With 1000+ apps hitting the stores every day, it is highly advisable to use the aforementioned practices to enlist your App on any of the stores. Additionally, you should always pick brains of people who have prior experience of launching successful and trending Apps. Their insights could help you in covering your base well. Additionally, feel free to give us (VAYUZ) if you would like to understand how ASO can improve your App ranking.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you’re implementing ASO into your mobile strategy. So leave your comment or drop me a note on Hello@vayuz.com. Till we meet again, keep shining!

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