20 Jan 2018
Successful App

Making an App successful? This is how it can be achieved!

You want to create a successful App but don’t know where to start? Here are some questions that you need to keep in mind before building an app which could get successful.

  • What makes your App useful and a must have one?
  • Which all factors could instigate your app being downloaded on Millions of devices?
  • What makes an attachment with the customer unique?
  • What makes users to not uninstall your app?

Don’t have the answers to these questions? This blog might just help you.

Before starting, let’s look at some facts from the experts –

  • Most apps lose 76 percent of their users after the first three months of use, meaning that even in the unlikely event that your app/product is chosen from the many presents in the Play Store, any ad revenue streams would quickly dry up.
  • The odds of people discovering your app are stacked heavily against you. It doesn’t matter how good or original the app is, it’s very likely only a few people will discover and install it, which is why a good marketing and distribution plan is a must.
  • Apple & Google Play Store place a high value on clean, refined, and user-friendly interfaces. Make sure your UI meets these requirements by planning your design carefully and following design guides and UI Design Dos and Dont’s.
  • Before creating your app, you should take a look at the apps in a similar category as yours on the App Store and consider how you can provide an even better user experience.
  • Do you have enough money to spend on your app? As per 2017, in-app purchase revenue is set to be the number one source of mobile app revenue, accounting for 48.2% of earnings compared to 14% from ads-based revenue and 37.8% from paid app downloads.

Now let’s take the journey of building a successful app.

Successful App

1. UX Focused Design.

User experience is something that should take more hours than development. The App must be easy to use. Components should be placed in a way that both right and left handed people do not experience any issues.

Guidelines are provided by Google and Apple for creating designs, these guidelines should be kept in mind while creating the app.

Tip #1:

“Building an app is like building a house”, “You need to put time into thinking about what the rooms are going to look like before you start building.” That attention to detail will pay off.

2. Different Devices, Same functions

Your app should be device compatible. If you want to create a highly successful app then you should not focus on mobile specific designs, there are millions of apps and thousands of devices. Your app should be support maximum possible devices, Google Play tells you how many devices are supported in its developer console.

In case of any bugs related to a specific device, instead of ignoring it, one should try to apply a possible alternative to solve the same. Every app uses third party libraries and there are bugs for specific devices, an alternative will always be there and if not, libraries must be regularly updated.


Creativity and innovation are without a doubt key elements while developing an app, but consumption dynamics or designing trends for user’s specific needs must be considered too.

3. Special Attachment

There would be many customizations. Try not to deviate from it by providing customizable features focused on your target audience. The features should be developed keeping in mind the interests and demands of the user segment that needs to be reached.

4. Go with the Market Trends

Market trends is one of the major reason for your App to be successful in the long run. If your app is useful than it would definitely have a lot of downloads. A lot of downloads do not guarantee that your app will remain successful, market trends keep on changing, certain UI/UX needs to be changed with time. Also, every year Google and Apple introduce new features in their corresponding developer meets.

5. Regular Updates

Regular updates are necessary for a successful App. It’s not possible for a developer or tester to test the App on every compatible device. With users feedback and crash reports, updates are necessary to solve the issues faced by users.

6. Greed Factor

Most apps give invitation rewards, as there is a good chance for the app to get in the top searches. In app rewards are one of the key factors to compete with the top Apps in the similar category. Tez Payments App from Google is the best example for it, offering cash rewards for every new referred user and new promotions every week.

7. Users Feedback

Users feedback always plays a crucial role in App success. None of the Apps get overnight success. Feedback modules should always be available, so that development team can always remain touch with the exceptions and errors.

8. Database Back Up

Data loss could hugely affect app performance thus backups are needed regularly so as to avoid any data loss issues due to server errors.

Tip #2:

Certainly, there is no secret formula that guarantees your app success in the market. Developers have given many tips so as to make the app better.

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