20 Aug 2020
virtual visiting cards on Google

Indian users can now create virtual visiting cards on Google

Indian users can now create virtual visiting cards on Google, will help build an online presence

Google on Tuesday launched a new feature, which allows users in India to create ‘People Cards’ that are like virtual visiting cards, making it easier for them to build an online presence and search for others. The India-first feature, which has been under trial for a few years, will allow users to create a virtual visiting card on Google Search and highlight their existing website or social profile and information that they want others to know, Google Search Product Manager Said Lauren Clarke. “The new facility aims to help millions of individuals, affected, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers, or anyone else who wants to be discovered and helps the world find them.”

Starting today, users across India can search for “People Cards” in English on their mobile phones. “Then tap on the card, she said. For people who share the same name, the search will show multiple modules, and unique information can help users distinguish between different individuals to find the exact information. Clark said Google has taken a number of security measures. Control to maintain the quality of information on People Cards.

He added, “Security measures include mechanisms to protect against abusive or objectionable content, and limit the experience with only one People Card per Google Account. For each new card, the user must have a unique mobile number The account has to be authenticated, ”she said. In some cases, additional information may be required for verification. Clarke said that people card makers should follow content policies, and the company uses a combination of human reviews and automated techniques to flag policy-infringing content.

 We have strict impersonation policies and people cards are linked to a user’s Google account and phone number which is an effective deterrent for many spammers, “she said. In addition, identifying and reporting low-quality information or cards The response button can be used for. They believe that was created by an impersonator. Users will have full control over the information to be included on the card and can opt-out of the feature, after which they can stop appearing in the search.

She said that users are reminded that the information shared is public when these cards are being created or updated. To create a People Card, users will need to log in to their Google Account on their mobile account, search for their name, or tap on the prompt that appears “Add me to the search”. To begin creating your People Card, users can select to include an image from their respective Google account, a description of themselves, a link to their website or social profile, and a phone number or email address. Both the creation of the card and the display of results will be available on mobile phones.

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