02 Feb 2017

6 reasons why your business needs a Messaging App Solution

Put your customer first, rest follows.

This what my mentor tells me every single time we put our heads together to design our go-to-market strategy. Over the period, the deep meaning of this line has become my go to mantra to clear the clutter in my head. More importantly it helps me to distance myself from having a myopic perspective about things.

So while building and developing products for our customers, we strongly them that the product development journey begins with the thought “Put your customer first”. As a result, I always share my strong conviction about how messaging app solution is everything that a customer wants and a business needs in todays time.

Why, here’s a look at some interesting stats and findings.

6 out of the 10 most popularly used apps are messaging apps.

Did that figure surprise you?
I guess not! It was obvious, always there in front of us but somehow we never realized its true importance till recent times.

We’re in constant communication with one another, we love being in constant company of someone. We are HUMANS and we are HIGHLY SOCIAL. As we begin to realize messaging is the one thing people do more than anything else on their smart phone, there are huge benefits businesses can achieve from including messaging solution as part of their overall go-to-market strategy.

According to Gartner,

“By 2019, requests for customer support through consumer mobile messaging apps will exceed requests for customer support through traditional social media”.

With consumer messaging apps on the rise, businesses have begun to connect with customers on this new, exciting platform.

What about your business, have you integrated messaging solution?

Here are 6 ways your business can benefit from connecting with customers over messaging apps:

  • Higher Engagement
    Connecting with your existing and prospective customers through messaging solution can deepen your brand’s relationship with them. The maths is very simple, more the engagement more is the business. They will talk to you give you relevant feedback and help you in building a better and stronger brand.
  • Increased Conversion
    Most of the people, who dial customer support desk always prefer to speak to a customer care associate instead of the IVR. Move over to the digital realm, do you think the consumer behavior will be any different on a mobile app? A hell no! If you enable your customer to connect with you via. messaging solution, you are looking at increased conversion rate for sure.
  • Open, Unrestricted and Instant Connectivity
    Messaging apps offer your customers instant communication options. Unlike SMS, which often incurs charges, your customers can still reach out privately via messaging apps and receive a timely response without worrying about cost. That means satisfied customers, and satisfied customers translate to better business.
  • Personalized Communication
    Public rants about a brand on social platforms like FB and twitter has become the best way of getting a brands undivided attention. This normally happens cause the customer feels suffocated and disconnected from the brand. Messaging Solution enables you to build a 1-to-1 direct communication channel with your customer, enabling them to vent out their frustration and also share sensitive information without any paranoia. Remember the day your customers starts feeling that they are part of your brand, you can pat yourself on the back. And one sure shot way of making this happen is by integrating a personalized channel like messaging app in your solution stack.
  • Higher First Contact Resolution
    Increase first contact resolution and reduce your average time of resolution with chatbot integration. With the help of chatbots, your business can better manage workflows and automatically respond to customer requests via messaging. Chatbots can help point customers to the right information, helping them self-serve and ultimately allowing your support agents to focus on the issues that require a human touch.
  • Know your customer
    Couple your messaging solution with deep learning techniques and you will bamboozled with the kind of masterpiece intel your business will be equipped with. Intel, which can sky rocket your business revenue and make you a Nostradamus of your vertical.

We’ve seen already seen users around us completely devoted to messaging solution. Take Snapchat for example and the cult status they enjoy. More importantly, you should follow how various brands are leveraging messaging solution for more leads and conversions. With the decline of text messaging, rise of internet and increased availability of smart phones, messaging solution is emerging as the defacto preferred communication channel. Messaging is here to stay for the foreseeable future. The growth these services are experiencing is unlike anything we have seen before.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of messaging apps or see it in action, let’s talk. VAYUZ Technologies has designed and developed messaging solution for industry verticals like Healthcare, Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, Logistics etc and we will be more than happy to share our insights and experience in this segment. If you are planning to build a messaging app solution then feel free to share your details.

Feel free to share your feedback and comments below.

About Pooja Chauhan

Poo has a story to share, a really larger than life story to share, a story which should inspire a generation of girls to achieve more. Hopefully she will share this story sometime soon. She was a national level athlete, hockey player as well as a NCC cadet before she gave it all up to pursue her professional career. She did her MBA in Marketing from PTU and is a big digital enthusiast. She has close to a decade of experience in Customer Interfacing Management roles in Retail and Technology vertical. She has worked with brands like Pepsico, Pernod Ricard and was also one of the founding members of ideaPot. Poo spearheads business strategy, communication, customer engagements and P & L of the organization. Her consultative approach to handle customer engagements is one the main reasons why our Product Engineering Team gives paramount precedence to business goals. She is not risk averse and would go a thousand miles to find the right answers. Her never ending enthusiasm to identify “what is my 100%” drives the entire organization to strive for more.

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