Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform

A Startup

This case study details a project to re-architect the core data application for a social media analytics startup in Greece.


The Big Data ecosystem is vast and choosing the correct technologies is critical. Many big data projects fail because of improper design.Our client followed the trend of the typical start-up by rushing their product into production, hoping to get a jump on the competition. As the company gained traction and the data grew, they realized their product, built using a standard open-source web application stack, was not scalable. It was unable to store and analyze the large amounts of data, and response times were abysmal.

The Solution

This use case required a platform that could:

  • Merge data from various social media channels and online databases.
  • Run analytics with the results transferred to another relational database for easier reporting.
  • SMeet an SLA for data ingestion and processing, as well as online query times With these requirements in mind.
  • VAYUZ re architected the company‚Äôs application by installing a Big Data platform to store the data from various social media outlets.
  • A fast ingestion application moved the data into the new platform on which analytics could be directly run.