HR & Recruitment for Mariners and Sailors

HR & Recruitment for Mariners and Sailors

Hiring a suitable candidate for your organization is always a challenge and this is no different in case of marine industry. It's typically a lengthy and a tiring process. Recruiters spends an average of 78352 minutes on the phone calls over an year for the recruitment exercise and it takes around an average of 37 days to fill a vacancy. Not only this, the average recruitment cost to fill a vacancy is also on a higher side when companies have high labour turnover. So the challenges which we faced here was


 Technology Consulting

 UI/UX Development

Workflow Optimization

Application Development

3rd Party API Integration

The Solution

So to overcome the challenges that we faced in the case discussed above following solution was provided -

Developed web platforms for the Employers, recruitment agency and Job seekers.

Features for the Employers -

  • Simplified process for posting the jobs that reaches global agencies
  • Access to an XXL pool of competent candidates.
  • Approve or reject candidates, issue offer letters, with just one click.
  • Option to control candidates until the final stages.
  • Reduced recruitment turnaround times (verification, authentication, certified candidates with minimal efforts, in short time, hiring on click)

Features for the Recruitment Agency -

  • Option to create and manage candidate profile information and share with just one click.
  • Track every step of the shared candidate status
  • Fast candidate approval process,
  • Reviews and ratings from clients
  • Generate auto invoice to the clients, and track payments status with ease.
  • Best payment making methods from the client