Court Management System

Court Management System

Courts and reporting agencies need an improved method by which they extract, organize, analyze, and report case management data. Current case management systems do not include a business intelligence platform whereby court users can stream data and run reports on 2+ years of data (depending on size of the court) at high velocity, automatically organize a high volume of data in charts and graphs, run queries on a variety of data sets for a single report, and produce a dashboard for routine reports and internal analysis.

Furthermore, courts and reporting agencies are heavily reliant upon external companies or internal IS staff to produce ad hoc statistical reports that outputs data in raw, tabular formats. State and national reporting agencies wait time to roll out new reporting measure is currently 5 years due to the limitations within courts and their systems to adopt new key performance indicators on a national level.

A US based client who has a vision to develop a business intelligence solution for court entities so as to streamline, centralize all data collection, supply data analytics, predictive modeling, and make it easier to retrieve information from different databases.


 Technology Consulting

Architecture Designing

Workflow Creation

The Solution

  • A secure, centrally managed data repository.
  • An interactive web-based and easy to use application on software platform for court users
  • An option for users to build their own reports for internal analysis and monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators
  • Data analysis: Create views to enhance data discovery and rendering data that can be understood in business terms.
    • Prescriptive Analytics – Type of analysis that reveals what actions should be taken.
    • Predictive Analytics – Type of analysis of likely scenarios of what might happen
    • Diagnostic Analytics – Type of analysis that looks at past performance to determined what happened and why.
    • Descriptive Analytics – Type of analysis that illustrates what is happening now based upon incoming data (real time) when applicable, convert other analytics to real-time descriptive analytics
  • Improve data quality and ensuring data integrity by providing secure access to shared data resources in a collaborative workspace.