Alternate Health Care

Alternate Health Care

The overall Indian healthcare market is worth around US$ 100 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 280 billion by 2020. The Healthcare Information Technology (IT) market which is valued at US$ 1 billion currently is expected to grow 1.5 times by 2020.

TA total of 3,598 hospitals and 25,723 dispensaries across the country offer AYUSH treatment, thus ensuring availability of alternative medicine and treatment to the people.Despite the government's attempt over the years to popularize AYUSH the people at large are still inclined towards allopathy treatment with a survey showing higher inclination towards allopathy treatment-- around 90%--in both rural and urban areas. Only 5 to 7% usage of 'other' type of treatment including AYUSH has been reported both in rural and urban areas.

In a country with a rich history of AYUSH, a startup approached VAYUZ to revive the knowledge, treatment and spread awareness of this golden old knowledge.


 Technology Consulting

 UI/UX Development

Workflow Optimization

Application Development

3rd Party API Integration

The Solution

The solution is a web based platform that connects users, looking for alternate treatment/consultation or a way of life, with the AYUSH experts. The idea was to create a platform, where in the all the user's needs are met under one roof including a store to purchase AYUSH products, as consulted by the expert on the platform or otherwise.

A need for a mobile app for the experts arose to allow the experts to accept cases, provide consultations on the go or with the ease of their mobile phone.

A few features of the platform are as follows:

Web Platform-

  • Online Store 
  • Appointment booking with AYUSH experts through: 
  • Telephone 
  • Message 
  • Apply for online consultation 
  • Round Robin scheduling algorithms for assigning experts to a case.


Mobile App for the experts-

  • Accept booking requests
  • View previous consultations
  • Prescribe the customer
  • Schedule consultation
  • Extend time limitation to provide consultation on a case
  • View reports