05 Feb 2021
Why Podcasts are Important?

Why podcast important for business?

In the world of digital marketing, we all know how big of a role can videos play to get the information out there in the world and to grab people’s attention. Amongst all kinds of videos be it short funny clips, long informational videos, interview videos etc.  Podcasts are something which is frequently tapped upon but as the awareness and internet usage is growing day by day so is its popularity.

Podcast marketing can work wonders for a variety of businesses as an informational video for the target market. 

For example: If you provide IT services as a B2B business, you can create a podcast teaching how the process of software development takes place from start till delivery, you can invite guests from the industry to talk on same or any topic for that matter.

Establishes Authority

Basically, a podcast provides a platform and format for sharing your expertise in your industry. Podcasts with accurate and genuine information or ideas help establish you and your business as an authority in the business because customers want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and are updated with the new technology.

Bridges connection between business and audience

Getting to see the presenter and the guests/products gives the audience a stronger sense of connection as a video is the best means for the audience to feel connected to you and your work. With time the audience gets familiar with your style and videos and then they keep coming to your podcasts as they understand your content. They get a better idea of the values and the methods of running and keeping a business alive.

Simple yet effective

A podcast is the simplest way of video production, you can make a video from your office space or from a nice corner in your house. And to record a microphone to catch the audio, a good camera (nowadays everyone has a decent camera in their pocket that shoots at 1080p 60fps), a software to edit the video and that’s it you are good to go. This method of reaching out to customers and the audience is the most affordable and effective than traditional advertisements.

The Presenter represents the Business

As the reach and awareness increases with time and each video, the presenter of the podcast becomes the face of the business. As the presenter gets popular the business he/she is representing also get the fare share of the popularity. 

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