22 Apr 2020
Technology – A BOON in these unprecedented times.

Technology – A BOON in these unprecedented times.

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, Technology has played an integral role in containing & combating the deadly virus. To a great extent, COVID-19 has helped countries and people across the globe to realize their technological capabilities and how it can be used to solve real-world problems faced by people in these unprecedented times. Taking a clue from China, the epicenter of the virus has proved to be a benchmark for other countries by adopting the right technologies at the right time. For example, China is using drones that allow its authorities to scan through large crowds. Drones are equipped with thermal imaging and can quickly detect people who have a fever. Another successful technology used by the Chinese giant, Baidu has developed an AI-powered non-contact infrared sensor system that has been used in places like railway stations to quickly detect a person suspected of a fever. 

With such technological advancements taking place worldwide, it has opened up new avenues for IT Professionals to cope up with the pandemic during Lockdowns by rendering useful products & services to the general public. 

Let’s look at new trends being followed and observed during these lockdown periods:

WORK FROM HOME – A new normal!

So, we’re all working from home. In the wake of social distancing norms formulated by governing bodies of different countries as a measure to curb the speedy spread of Novel Coronavirus, the new trend and the need of hour Work from Home (‘WFH’) has kicked in. Initially, there were questions and tensions going around among corporates and businesses about how it will work in the long run, whether or not it will affect the productivity & efficiency of employees? That was the matter of concern for almost every organization. But in no time, this became a new normal all because of the gift of technology to the humankind. 

Leveraging task management tools such as Trello or collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams along with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have made this really easy for all of us!

Say yes to a NEW SKILL 

With lockdowns restricting people to stay indoors, the emerging technological tools are helping people in developing a new skill, may it be in the field of cooking, dance, language or even a Professional Course, which is all possible because of Digital/online mediums such as Youtube, Instagram, Udemy, Byjus’s to name a few. Some of my favorite skill learning platforms are Duolingo, Udemy,  MindTools, TradeHero. You can easily find them on Google play store and Apple app store. 

Virtual  Socialization –  

Humans since our existence have been social beings. Moving from one place to another and connecting with each other is core to our existence. In fact, we have evolved because of our socializing habits. The current global scenario, however, has threatened this habit of ours. Luckily, technology along with stable internet connectivity has saved us from this too. Today, there are numerous social networking sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. People are using these apps to connect with each other more than they ever have. Moreover, video sharing apps have taken over the market with Houseparty, Skype and Zoom being major contributors for face to face seamless connectivity. 

E-Commerce – 

The e-commerce and online grocery delivery service have also become a key sector in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. As people have been locked down in their homes due to the government’s order, the delivery of essential goods has been allowed by the government. Some of the companies whose businesses are expected to boom during the period are BigBasket and Grofers in the grocery space and 1mg in the medicines space. Food delivery giants Zomato, Swiggy and Dominos have taken things into their hands and started delivering essentials alongside Dunzo as well. They have now started delivering all essential goods.

Many online grocery delivery services are now being joined by major e-commerce companies Flipkart and Amazon, who are delivering only essential goods in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It won’t be surprising if all these companies see an exponential rise in their profits during the period of lockdown.

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