11 Nov 2019

TechBits, Nov 11, 2019

1. Microsoft uses AI to diagnose cervical cancer faster in India

  • More women in India die from cervical cancer than in any other country. This preventable disease kills around 67,000 women in India every year, more than 25% of the 260,000 deaths worldwide.
  • Effective screening and early detection can help reduce its incidence, but part of the challenge — and there are several parts — today is that the testing process to detect the onset of the disease is unbearably time-consuming.
  • This is because the existing methodology that cytopathologists use is time-consuming, to begin with, but also because there are very few of them in the nation. Could AI speed this up?
  • At SRL Diagnostics, the largest chain to offer diagnostic services in pathology and radiology in India, we are getting an early look of this. Last year, Microsoft partnered with SRL Diagnostics to co-create an AI Network for Pathology to ease the burden of cytopathologists and histopathologists.

2. Nvidia announces Jetson Xavier NX chipset for running AI at the network edge

  • Nvidia Corp. wants to play a bigger role in enabling artificial intelligence at the network edge with the launch of Jetson Xavier NX, which it says is the world’s smallest and most powerful AI supercomputer for robotic and embedded devices.
  • The word “supercomputer” might be a bit strong, but the Jetson Xavier NX module is nonetheless very powerful and extremely energy-efficient, providing a level of performance comparable to most standard data center servers. It delivers up to 21 Theoretical Operations Per Second, a standard measure of performance, when running modern AI workloads, and it consumes as little as 15 watts of power.
  • Best of all, it fits into a tiny chassis that’s even smaller than a credit card, which means it can be installed in almost any kind of device at any location.

3. Applause launches reinvented AI solution to make algorithms act more human

  • Crowdsourced automated testing company Applause today announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence training solution that will help machine learning algorithms better process human input data.
  • The new scalable, enterprise-ready solution trains machine learning algorithms to learn quickly and tests them to detect and correct bias, thus ensuring that they are processing and responding appropriately.
  • To do this, Applause is using its large community of vetted human testers in order to produce the widest variety of potential training inputs in an environment that best matches real-life conditions for the products and services being tested. That data is then fed back through the system and tested across every possible device, location, and circumstance in order to help identify issues that might arise and provide actionable user feedback in real-time.

4. Watch MIT’s ‘mini cheetah’ robots frolic, fall, flip – and play soccer together

5. Blockchain-based streaming platform DLive partners with gaming rewards outfit

  • In an effort to reach out to more video game streamers, DLive, a live streaming platform that uses distributed ledger blockchain-based technology, has partnered with tokenized gaming rewards outfit Refereum.
  • As part of the partnership announced Thursday, videogame players and enthusiasts will be rewarded for live streaming games and watching streams on DLive through Refereum’s token system.
  • “Refereum is a place for streamers on any streaming platform to engage their users,” said Alistair Doulin, chief technology officer at Refereum. “Everyone can now connect their DLive account and earn rewards for watching their favorite streamers.”
  • DLive is a blockchain-powered streaming service that now joins popular streaming platforms Twitch Interactive Inc. and Mixer in being supported by Refereum.

6. Arista Networks launches CloudEOS to simplify multi-cloud networking

  • Arista Networks Inc. this week launched two new cloud networking tools that should help companies streamline virtual machine and Kubernetes container operations in both multi-cloud and on-premises information technology environments.
  • Arista made its name as a maker of networking hardware such as Ethernet switches and routers, but in recent years it has positioned itself as a “cloud networking” company that sells software to help customers to maintain highly scalable networks.
  • Today there’s more specialized networking software such as Arista’s CloudEOS, which is available in two flavors: CloudEOS Multi-Cloud and CloudEOS Cloud Native.

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