29 Jul 2019

TechBits, July 29, 2019

1. “Spacetech growth, the future of micromobility, and how to solve the hell of open offices
Danny Crichton@dannycrichton / 1 day ago”

  • The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is looking for pitches on how to enhance and augment traditional creative arts through immersive technologies.
  • Through a partnership with Microsoft the foundation is offering a share of a $750,00 pool of cash and the option of technical support from Microsoft, including mentoring in mixed-reality technologies and access to the company’s suite of mixed reality technologies.

2. Bionic vision system works with augmented reality glasses

  • Is space truly within reach for startups and VC?
    With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing taking place this past week, Darrell Etherington takes a temperature check of the current state of spacetech, chatting with startups like Wyvern and NSLComm. What he finds is actually a fairly positive picture — not only are there a huge number of original ideas and serious dollars flowing into the … space (couldn’t resist), but there are also clear trajectories to real products in the short-to-medium term.


3. Firefox Reality browser plus Oculus Quest are prom king and queen

  • A company focused on a bionic vision system sees hope for improvements in patients by means of a wireless sub-retinal implant together with augmented reality glasses.
    Pixium Vision has developed the Prima system in response to age-related macular degeneration. Their system “aims to elicit useful prosthetic bionic vision by electrical stimulation of the retina and therefore partially compensating the loss of natural central vision,” they stated.

4. Drones will fly for days with new photovoltaic engine

  • Grandma, is it true people in 2019 had to browse the web in 2-D? Mozilla has this time raised web browsing to another level with its virtual reality web browser, Firefox Reality, released for Oculus Quest headsets. Immersion will really grow on users spending time on games and video. Angela Moscaritolo, PCMag, wrote Thursday: “Not thrilled with the Oculus Quest’s built-in web browser? Now there’s an alternative: Mozilla’s Firefox Reality.”
  • Mozilla’s Firefox Reality went live on Oculus Quest VR headset Thursday.
  • The goal is access to VR experiences such that “Firefox Reality brings the best and freshest content from the web that you know and love to Virtual Reality headsets. Experience a seamless transition from 2-D to 3-D immersive modes.”


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