30 Jan 2020

TechBits, Jan 30, 2020

1. Pinterest Introduces New ‘Try On’ Feature That Lets Users Virtually Try-On Makeup

  • It was last year in June when Google announced a tool called AR-Beauty Try On that allowed users to virtually try on their favorite makeup products while watching the YouTube video. And now Pinterest, a popular virtual discovery engine, launched a new feature that allows users to try on makeup products such as lipstick virtually from renowned brands including Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme and Urban Decay from L’Oréal, reports TechCrunch.
  • The feature has been integrated with Pinterest’s “skin tone range” feature which is great since it allows users to try on lip shades that match their skin color. Users can try on the products with the help of Pinterest’s smart camera lens in search and then click “try it” to explore how the different lipstick shades would look. And if you like the lipstick shade on you, you can then also buy it by swiping up. You can also use it right off the go while you type a specific lipstick shade or related terms where you’d then get an option to try it out.

2. Apple Is Finally Bringing The HomePod To India, Priced At Rs 19,990

  • Apple has finally launched HomePod, its Siri-powered smart speaker in India. The HomePod’s been finally listed on Apple India’s website, and the listing suggests that it will soon be available for purchase for INR 19,900.
  • What we don’t know details of yet, is a sale date. Once the Homepod does go on sale in India though, it will be available in two colours — Space Grey and White.
  • To remind you, the HomePod was introduced back at WWDC 2017 and went on sale in Australia, the UK and the US from February 9, 2018, priced at US$349 (approximately INR 24,860). The speaker later received a permanent price cut to US$299 (approximately INR 21,300) in April 2019 and there’s been no price revision ever since.
  • Subsequently, the smart speakers rolled out in Canada, France, and Germany in June 2018 and in Spain and Mexico in October 2018. It went on sale in China and Hong Kong in January 2019 and in August 2019 in Japan and Taiwan.

3. Google May Come Up With A Unified Workplace App To Take On Microsoft Teams And Slack

  • Google is likely working on developing an all-in-one business communication service that combines all of the company’s productivity tools and several messaging apps, according to a report.
  • The search giant is thus planning to pull together the likes of Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat in one place, as per a report by The Information.
  • The company is said to be currently testing the app internally. If it does see the light of day, it appears the service will be part of G Suite’s productivity tools. It seems Google has its sights set on the likes of Microsoft and that tech giant’s Office 365 app suite, and, in particular, Microsoft Teams. It might also be hoping to take on popular workplace instant messaging app Slack.
  • That said, Google’s current messaging app strategy is quite messy. Hangouts Meet and Chat are supposed to replace Hangouts, which still exists for now. There’s also Google Duo, an Android RCS-based chat app, Android Messages and Google Voice. What’s further messed up is that most of these services are incompatible with one another.

4. Apple Just Deferred Plans To Start Its Online Store In India To Q3 2020: Report

  • Apple appears to have deferred plans to start its own online stores in India from the January to March quarter of this year to Q3 2020.
  • The iPhone-maker was previously expected to launch its online store in India before March 2020, after the Indian government had decided to ease FDI regulations back in August 2019. However, according to a new report by TechCrunch, the much-awaited online store has been delayed and will now be operational from the third quarter of this year.
  • Sources close to the matter said that the company needs more time to complete the back-end and logistics work and the new tentative deadline is now July to September. Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to visit India around June-July to take stock of the India business including manufacturing expansion and exports from the country. During his visit, he will likely rollout company-owned online and retail Apple stores.

5. ASUS ROG Mothership Review: An Excellent Movable Gaming Desktop Replacement That’s Built Like A Tank

  • Asus, when it comes to laptops and gaming-related stuff, loves to innovate and because of this habit, every now and then we come across a device that leaves us speechless because of the sheer amount of thought and engineering finesse that’s gone into making it. Sure, it’s not meant for the mass market, heck, in this case, Asus isn’t even selling this in India, but boy is it badass.
  • What am I talking about? The Asus Mothership GZ700. But if you were to ask me what this obnoxious-looking thing is really? I wouldn’t really know what to say. The reason I say that because it’s definitely not a laptop, neither is it a desktop PC. It’s more of a portable system that packs everything that a top-end gaming PC would but in a smaller (arguable portable) form factor.
  • The 17-inch device sets itself apart with a convertible design, with a retractable kickstand and a detachable keyboard. However, its size and dual power bricks make it cumbersome, and its performance, while being better than anything we’ve tested before, still doesn’t match the best among super-high-end gaming rigs.
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