27 Jan 2020
This Is How NEXA Plans To Enhance Customer Experience With AR Technology

TechBits, Jan 27, 2020

1. Microsoft Admits It Accidentally Leaked 250 Million Customer Service Records Online

  • Once the issue was brought to light, Microsoft engineers found a remedy that restricted the database, thereby, helping prevent unauthorized access. The highlighted issue was specific only to an internal database that makes use of support case analytics. It did not represent an exposure of its commercial cloud services.
  • “Our investigation confirmed that the vast majority of records were cleared of personal information in accordance with our standard practices. In some scenarios, the data may have remained unredacted if it met specific conditions,” added Microsoft.
  • To prevent future occurrences of this issue, Microsoft says it’s going to take actions including auditing the established network security rules for internal resources, expanding the scope of the mechanisms that detect security rule misconfigurations, implementing additional alerting to service teams when security rule misconfigurations are detected as well as additional redaction automation.

2. Google I/O 2020 Begins May 12: Android 11, Pixel 4a And Other Expected Announcements

  • While some companies like to keep it simple, Google doesn’t like to walk a straight path. This time around, to mark the announcement of Google I/O 2020, the company released a game called “A Collaboration of the Cosmos”. Now that enough people have explored it, Google has officially announced that Google I/O 2020 will take place from May 12 to 14 this year at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.
  • For the uninitiated, Google I/O is the Mountain View-based search giant’s annual developer conference where they announce new updates related to its software, hardware and its apps and services. Google I/O 2019 saw the announcement of the Android Q Beta 3 (now known as Android 10), the launch of the Google Pixel 3a series, and the rebranding of their smart speakers amongst other things.

3. Amazon Is Developing Hand-Scanning Technology…And Other Small Business Tech News

  • The Wall Street Journal reported this past week that Amazon.com Inc. is developing point of sale technology that would allow customers to have their hands scanned in order to make a payment. Using the hand-scanning technology, customers would no longer need to hand over an actual card in order to pay for their merchandise purchased at brick-and-mortar locations. With the developing technology, users would be able to link their handprint to a card prior to use. Amazon is collaborating with Visa Inc. as well as Mastercard Inc. regarding the terminals. (Source: Silicon Angle)
  • Fingerprints, retina scans, embedded chips. Now hand scans. Biometrics are coming into the mainstream and the security advantages of these types of access methods are significantly greater than what’s been used in the past. My expectation is that your password will soon be as old fashioned as the telegram by the end of the decade, so be prepared to consider these new security changes in your business over the next few years.

4. This Is How NEXA Plans To Enhance Customer Experience With AR Technology

  • Nexa, a retail network from Maruti Suzuki which caters to high-end cars, is now going a step further to change that, with its all-new NEXA AR Technology. And to showcase the AR experience to the world, an equally unique way was conceptualised in the form of – ‘One by One’ showroom, that makes use of augmented reality to transform your car hunting experience.
  • NEXA wanted to enhance the customer experience by letting them see NEXA cars in all the variants and colours at the showroom itself. However, since it’s not possible to accommodate all the cars in the showroom, the premium automotive brand came up with an innovative solution. Since innovation runs in the DNA of NEXA, it led to the creation of NEXA One by One, the smallest NEXA showroom that brings forth the revolutionary AR technology for customers to experience.
  • NEXA AR technology overlays a complete image of the vehicle on the floor of the showroom, thereby, creating an interactive AR experience for users that brings alive all the cars, colours and variants right in front of the consumer. This space-defying NEXA AR Technology allows customers to experience cars like never before, irrespective of the space available.

5. Realme’s First Fitness Band Will Be Launched In February, Reveals Madhav Sheth

  • Earlier this month Realme CEO Madhav Sheth teased the company’s first fitness band during the launch of the Realme 5i and Sheth has now confirmed that the fitness band will see the light of day in February.
  • In the latest episode of Ask Madhav, Sheth confirmed that the first Realme fitness band will be launched in the month of February. He only spoke of a tentative timeline for the band though and not an exact launch date. No specs of the fitness tracker have also been revealed by Sheth.
  • In the video, he said that “For all the guys who have made a New Year’s resolution to stay fitter, we’re coming with a fitness band in the month of February itself.”
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