03 Jan 2020
Google restores MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet

TechBits, Jan 03, 2020

1. Lowkey.gg is an esports tournament platform for adult gamers

  • It’s tough to be a competitive gamer once you’re an adult. Simply fitting tournament time into a busy schedule is challenge enough, but even if you can make the time, where do you go to find other adults who are competitively playing the games you love?
  • That’s where Lowkey.gg comes in. Lowkey.gg is a tournament platform for adult gamers. The company is particularly focused on helping professional organizations set up their esports squads just like company basketball or softball teams.
  • One of the challenges here is that it’s incredibly difficult for adult gamers to find each other. Most of them don’t usually broadcast their affinity for video games. Searching for other competitive gamers who are above the age of 18 is a bit of a lost cause.

2. Google restores MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet to Android store after the one-week ban

  • Google LLC has restored MetaMask, an Ethereum crypto asset wallet, to the Android Google Play Store after a one-week ban that began Dec. 26.
  • The company behind MetaMask tweeted on New Year’s Day that Google had reviewed its position on the Ethereum wallet app and restored its access to the app store.
  • “Happy New Year!” the MetaMask team wrote in the Jan. 1 tweet. “Upon careful consideration, Google has permitted The MetaMask mobile app back on the Google Play (Android) store! Thanks to all the believers in an open web for speaking out in our support!”
  • MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet and decentralized app browser that provides ease of use for distributed ledger blockchain-based applications and games such as “CryptoKitties” and “Gods Unchained.” With the wallet, users can store and access cryptocurrency as well as crypto assets such as virtual items represented on Ethereum as tokens, such as virtual kitties and playing cards.

3. Scientists Are Working On A Memory Device Inspired By The Human Brain

  • The human brain is the most complicated and mysterious organ of all. While fundamental brain components such as neurons and the junctions between them have been studied in detail before, the mechanisms by which the human brain operates still remains largely unknown. For example, functions like memorization, learning and forgetting and how the brain becomes alert and returns to a calm state of mind, continues to puzzle scientists. Additionally, live brains are difficult to manipulate in experimental research.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new understanding regarding the way the brain processes information. However, many questions concerning the master organ as a collective whole need to be answered. To study the intricacies, an international joint research team led by the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan is reportedly developing a brain-like memory device using the neuromorphic network material.

4. Here’s Why 2019 Was The Year Of Dark Mode

  • “You want it darker?” the late Leonard Cohen asked on the title track of his ominous final album, released just weeks before Trump’s election in November 2016. Indeed, the world did seem to want it darker. Not just in the metaphorical sense of a global wave of authoritarianism and ignorance, but literally darker — on the screens in our pockets, bags, and on our desks. Back then, apps were just beginning to offer Dark Mode, where bright pixels were shunned in favor of a black background, supposedly easier on the eyes.
  • Fast forward to 2019 — and as the political darkness grew to impeachable proportions, the trickle of Dark Mode apps became a flood. Apple’s iOS 13 turned millions of iPhones dark at once. Android Q did the same for the Dark Side of the mobile world (sorry not sorry, Android users). Gmail, Slack, Soundcloud, the mobile version of Microsoft Office, and Google Chrome all went dark this year. Mac OS offered a la carte Dark Mode in 2018, then enabled Dark Mode across the board in its 2019 edition. Twitter, not content with being somewhat dark (gray-blue) in 2018, went full dark in 2019.
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