04 Dec 2019

TechBits, Dec 04, 2019

1. AWS AutoPilot gives you more visible AutoML in SageMaker Studio

  • “at AWS re: Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced AutoPilot, a new tool that gives you greater visibility into automated machine learning model creation, known as AutoML. This new tool is part of the new SageMaker Studio also announced today.
  • As AWS CEO Andy Jassy pointed out onstage today, one of the problems with AutoML is that it’s basically a black box. If you want to improve a mediocre model, or just evolve it for your business, you have no idea how it was built.
  • The idea behind AutoPilot is to give you the ease of model creation you get from an AutoML-generated model, but also give you much deeper insight into how the system built the model. “

2. AWS announces new enterprise search tool powered by machine learning

  • “At AWS re: Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced a new search tool called Kendra, which provides natural language search across a variety of content repositories using machine learning.
  • Matt Wood, AWS VP of artificial intelligence, said the new search tool uses machine learning but doesn’t actually require machine learning expertise of any kind. Amazon is taking care of that for customers under the hood.”

3. Verizon and AWS announce 5G Edge computing partnership

  • “Just as Qualcomm was starting to highlight its 5G plans for the coming years, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg hit the stage at AWS re: Invent to discuss the carrier’s team up with the cloud computing giant.
  • As part of Verizon’s (TechCrunch’s parent company, disclosure, disclosure, disclosure) upcoming focus on 5G edge computing, the carrier will be the first to use the newly announced AWS Wavelength. The platform is designed to let developers build super-low-latency apps for 5G devices.”

4. AWS launches new local zone in LA

  • “AWS announced a new local zone today in LA, designed to provide customers in southern California with a set of higher bandwidth, lower latency compute resources. It’s not a coincidence that this area is the epicenter of the entertainment industry.
  • Having a local zone gives LA-area companies, whether that’s related to video processing, gaming, ad tech or machine learning, access to a much more localized set of resources, wrote Jeff Barr of AWS in a blog post announcing the new zone.”

5. AWS announces new ARM-based instances with Graviton2 processors

  • “AWS, the cloud division of Amazon, just announced the next generation of its ARM processors, the Graviton2. This is a custom chip design with a 7nm architecture. It is based on 64-bit ARM Neoverse cores.
  • Compared to first-generation Graviton processors (A1), today’s new chips should deliver up to 7x the performance of A1 instances in some cases. Floating-point performance is now twice as fast. There are additional memory channels and cache speed memory access should be much faster.
  • The company is working on three types of Graviton2 EC2 instances that should be available soon.”

6. AWS launches discounted spot capacity for its Fargate container platform

  • “AWS today quietly brought spot capacity to Fargate, its serverless compute engine for containers that support both the company’s Elastic Container Service and, now, its Elastic Kubernetes service.
  • Like spot instances for the EC2 compute platform, Fargate Spot pricing is significantly cheaper, both for storage and compute, than regular Fargate pricing.”

7. AWS announces UltraWarm tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

  • “AWS announced a new tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service. And it could potentially lead to some cost savings. It is now available in preview. There are now two storage tiers for Amazon Elasticsearch Service — hot and UltraWarm.
  • Hot is still the most effective tier when you care about performance. You can use the hot tier for indexing and anything that requires fast access to data.
  • With UltraWarm, you can store up to 900TB of storage and get up to 90% in a cost reduction compared to existing options. With UltraWarm, Amazon Elasticsearch Service looks at blocks of data and determines if they’re frequently accessed or not frequently accessed. Not frequently accessed data is moved to S3, which helps you save money.”

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