09 Oct 2019

1. Artificial Compound Lens inspires by mosquito eye could lead to New Vision Systems Anyone who’s tried to swat a pesky mosquito knows how quickly the insects can evade a hand or fly swatter. The pests’ compound eyes, which provide a wide field of view, are largely responsible for…

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19 Aug 2019

1.BMW’s Increasing Investment in AI – Insights from an Interview with Sam Huang of BMW iVentures It takes more than technology to make businesses work. In fact, one of the most precious resources, besides the humans that run the organization, is capital to fund growth. In the areas at…

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30 Jul 2019

1. Tesla has a new energy product called Megapack Tesla has launched a new utility-scale energy storage product called Megapack modeled after the giant battery system it deployed in South Australia as the company seeks to provide an alternative to natural gas “peaker” power plants. Megapack is the third…

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22 Jul 2019

1. Nominations for Global Startup Awards are now open in 26 European countries

  • One of the largest independent #startup #ecosystem competitions – the #Global #Startup Awards – has now opened for nominations having expanded the reach of the contest. The #Global #Startup Awards selects and recognises fledgling businesses within their respective regionally defined technology and web industry sectors who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in both business and service to the community.

2. Chinese Startups Net Smallest Share Of Global VC Investment In Years

  • China’s relative position in the global VC #ecosystem is shifting. China-based #startups continued a downtrend through the end of Q2 2019, Out of the tens of billions of VC dollars invested worldwide in Q2 2019, Chinese #startups accounted for approximately 15 percent of that, down markedly from the past quarter, and is a fraction of what it was in Q2 last year.
  • Bloomberg reports that the “value of venture capital investments in the country tumbled 77% to $9.4 billion” in Q2 2019 versus the same time last year.

3. Elon Musk's quest to stop the 'AI apocalypse' by merging man with machines

  • On Wednesday, the tech mogul unveiled plans to implant human brains with computer chips in an effort to merge man with machine, marking the start of a quest to prevent #Silicon Valley’s most feared scenario: society’s demise at the hands of artificial #intelligence. 

4. Google’s sister company to launch smart nappies that send alerts when your child sleeps - and soils themselves

  • #Google's sister company Verily has partnered with US consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) to sell “smart nappies" Called Lumi. These nappies can tell parents when their baby is sleeping and send a text warning when a nappy is soiled.
  • This technology works through a smart sensor inside a nappy that can classify whether it contains stool or urine remotely. Parents can receive warnings to change a nappy through their smartphones, and can also monitor their baby's sleep habits remotely. 

5. London-based Space Exploration Network (Sen) which intends to freely stream 4K high-definition video from space directly to the Earth’s inhabitants.

6. Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer

  • Heat transfer through a single molecule has been measured for the first time by an #international team of researchers led by the University of #Michigan.
  • This could be a step toward molecular computing -- building circuits up from molecules rather than carving them out of silicon as a way to max out Moore's Law and make the most powerful conventional computers possible.

7. Kitchen disruption: better food through artificial intelligence

  • Looking for that perfect recipe, or a new flavor combination that delights the senses?
  • Increasingly, players in the food industry are embracing #artificial intelligence to better understand the dynamics of flavor, aroma and other factors that go into making a food product a success. Earlier this year, IBM became a surprise entrant to the food sector, announcing a partnership with seasonings maker McCormick to "explore flavor territories more quickly and efficiently using AI to learn and predict new flavor combinations" by collected data from millions of data points.

8. Lyft’s dockless e-bikes have made their way to SF, but it wasn’t easy

  • When tech companies sue cities, it’s rare to see a resolution — albeit a temporary one — in favor of the tech company happen so quickly, if at all. Lyft sued San #Francisco in early June, claiming the city was in violation of a 10-year contract that would give Lyft exclusive rights to operate bike-share programs.
  • Now, the city has granted Lyft an interim permit to deploy its dockless e-bikes, and is holding off on granting to permits to other operators. Lyft officially deployed its bikes on Friday.

9. 100X.VC Fund’s Sanjay Mehta On Creating A Finishing School For Startup Founders

  • Sanjay Mehta said, “We would be running the fund in a cohort kind of way with a batch of classes. The first one would be 20, and every quarter we will induct a new class of 20-25 #startups. Think of us as a finishing school for founders who have no idea how to raise money. Our aim for this class is to get everyone 100% placement among VCs,”.

10. Indian-origin scientists develop AI system to curb 'deepfake' videos

  • At a time when "deepfake" videos become a new threat to users' privacy, a team of #Indian-origin researchers has developed #Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven deep neural network that can identify manipulated images at the pixel level with high precision.
  • Realistic videos that map the facial expressions of one person onto those of another -- known as "deepfakes", present a formidable political weapon in the hands of nation-state bad actors.

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20 Jun 2019

1. SAMSUNG INDIA BRINGS ALIVE 5G MOBILE CAMERA For the #World’s Biggest smartphone maker, #Samsung, this entire work on protocol software is done in its #India R and D centre. “For 3G, 4G and now #5G, we have done a lots of #work out there. They started working on…

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