11 Oct 2019

Startup NEWS, Oct 11, 2019

1. InnovationQore launches in India with Rs 50 crore funding start

  • InnovationQore is in talks to raise more from private equity and venture capital firms, Ganesh Raju, the CEO, said.
  • Turbostart plans to invest and accelerate at least 100 startups in the next two years.

Source: ET

2. Social e-commerce startup DealShare gets $11 million

  • Matrix Partners and Falcon Edge led the two investment rounds for the firm.
  • DealShare plans to use the capital for geographic expansion as well as developing artificial intelligence-based solutions and growing an indigenous logistics network.

Source: ET

3. MeitY builds a startup hub for stakeholders

  • The ‘social media platform for startups’ will bring together existing programs & connect firms to the right talent, mentor or VC fund.
  • India ranks as the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, with more than 7,200 startups.

Source: ET

4. WeWork India may raise Rs 1,400 crore

  • The fundraising plans come amid controversy around WeWork’s initial public offering.
  • “We are in talks with global and domestic investors to raise money, mostly as structured debt,” said Jitu Virwani, Chairman, Embassy Group.

Source: ET

5. Silicon Valley is trying out a new mantra: Make a Profit

  • Turning a profit is in as investors sound warning after some unicorns stumbled.
  • For startups and investors that were used to heady times and big spending, that means it may be time for a reset.

Source: ET



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