25 Jun 2020
Technology has been used to help hold the fort against COVID-19.

Role of Technology during this Corona pandemic.

COVID-19 is unlike any other crisis that is affecting the whole world. Governments around the world are trying to ensure the safety of their citizens and provide assistance to the affected people. Despite the rapid spread, people all over the world are putting up a brave fight and maneuvering this new situation using new-age techniques. These technologies are not only helping us fight epidemics but may also, in the future, change the way we deal with such situations.

Here are some examples in which technology has been used to help hold the fort against COVID-19.

Occupational Continuity:

A major challenge during this epidemic is not working as before. Businesses have quickly adopted work-from-home policies, using online meeting software and collaboration platforms to help employees stay home and continue business operations in general.


Smartphones are playing an important role in reducing risk for people. Delivery apps are offering contactless delivery, leaving the delivery officer at a particular point or your door with essentially no physical contact. In addition, mobile payment apps are reducing the risk of transmission through paper money.

Video conferencing:

Compulsory quarantine has disrupted daily life and reduced social interaction. It is meeting millions of people and connecting online instead. Family and friends are now catching up and virtually socializing. Teachers and fitness clubs are conducting online classes. Even organizations are riding on new employees through digital meeting platforms.

Location Tracking:

This is probably the most commonly used technique by governments. It is important to identify the whereabouts of people before tracking through the location provided by their phones and to identify the number of people who are in close proximity with the patient before identifying the movements of an infected person.


When one of three families in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from Italy, local officials felt that the family had visited several locations and several more than a week before They met when they were separated. Reviewing CCTV footage from those areas was one of the ways the local administration used to track people who could potentially infect the family.

Robot Nurse and AI Diagnosis:

Robots are being used to deliver food, medicine, and other supplies to patients in hospitals in some countries; To disinfect hospitals and other public areas; To check the temperature of patients, and to answer general questions. Even coronaviruses are being diagnosed using AI, which can read thousands of CT scans in 20 seconds with an accuracy rate of 96%.

In a global epidemic,

Technology tools have become the major weapon for effective monitoring and control of disease outbreaks. Especially when the challenge is a challenge, the technology can not only serve as a near-stand-in for health professionals, but it can also match the scale and speed at which the current epidemic is treated. Is required.

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