17 Feb 2021

Reasons why ReactJS is THE Technology for Startups in 2021

With Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix, Whatsapp, etc ReactJS is one of the most popular frameworks for front-end development because of its capability to create rich and engaging web applications with minimal coding. Another reason for its popularity is that it offers better and faster performance. A plethora of features like easy to use, code reusability, easy to declare, etc make ReactJS the best bet for businesses to choose it over Angular or Vue.

Reasons why ReactJS is THE Technology for Startups in 2021

Over the years analysts have observed a steady and immense growth in the field of web and mobile app development. That is because businesses are in need of an interactive interface to connect better with their users as nowadays almost everything is online and having a good connection with your online customers means that you can dominate the market.

With the new normal, customers are in need of interactive and intuitive interfaces for an optimal user experience as more and more users start using a particular technology, companies have to strive towards scalability. Any web or app development starts by planning on the technologies to be used for the development as every web or mobile app has different set of requirements and such technologies should be chosen which ensures smooth development process and a seamless user experience later on. 
reasons why reactjs is the technology for startups in 2021

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Coming to the reasons as why is ReactJS THE technology for startups in 2021, which are as follows:

Code Stability

ReactJSs code is stable in the sense that it works on single-way data flow. What this flow does is that it ensures simplified and sorted modification process so that even small changes that take place in the child structures won’t affect the parent structure. This churns out a consistent application performance and ensures code stability.

SEO Friendly

A website should rank amongst the top websites in order to mark its presence which will drive in more and more customers. And there is only one thing that can boost your user traffic that is SEO and the good thing is that ReactJS is SEO-friendly as it reduces the page load time through fast rendering. ReactJS offers an advantage for businesses, as websites and apps developed using this library, can easily be picked up by search engines, which increases online visibility.

Compatible with React Native

React Native is one of the fastest and most loved mobile application frameworks among developers community for its capabilities of developing, both simple and complex cross-platform apps. React Native uses the same components as ReactJS and has the same working principle.

Boost Performance

ReactJS combines the speed of JavaScript and a very ‘Facebook’ way of rendering pages that makes them highly dynamic and responsive. ReactJS uses virtual DOM which eliminates the use of substantial codes such as Jquery and other bootstrapping libraries. which makes the process much smoother.

Easy Migration

It is one of the most promising features of ReactJS. Whenever a developer/ business decides to migrate from an old technological infrastructure to a new one, they face a lot of challenges. It requires a lot of time and effort to do so and in some cases, even the whole code has to be re-written. And that’s where React takes the upper hand as its code can be easily added anywhere onto existing infrastructure, without worrying about the performance being hampered.

In a nutshell, considering all the points mentioned above, you may now have an idea about how ReactJS has some outstanding advantages, which makes it quite popular among businesses.

Also for some of the most important requisites for a SaaS application are a sleek UI and faster performance. Reactjs is a library that can easily facilitate these and many more qualities in SaaS applications.

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