13 Jan 2018
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Reasons to choose AngularJS for your project

AngularJS is an open source framework that allows to create hip and handy single page applications. After its launch in 2009 AngularJS has quickly gained popularity and is not going to lose its ground. It is truly the most popular JavaScript framework. It has been holding first place on GitHub by forks and stars for a long time.

  1.  Google developed ANGULARJS  

One of the best things about AngularJS is that Google developed it. Google experts have developed AngularJS and maintained it as well. It gives AngularJS developers a great opportunity to learn from certified open source experts, and professionals, community members etc would resolve your issues.

  1.  Get Started in Minutes

Getting started with AngularJS is incredibly easy. With a few attributes added to your HTML, you can have a simple Angular app up in under 5 minutes!

  1.  DECLARATIVE Code style

 AngularJS has declarative paradigm for creating patterns. It makes code more lightweight, as well as easier to read and support. It does not describe all the steps needed to achieve something but only the necessary end result.

AngularJS Development


As its pattern language AngularJS  uses HTML. It is expanded with directives(for example <calendar></calendar>) that add into the code information about the necessary behavior. Directives make you focus on creating logic. It also allows you to work more productively. You can reuse them in order to improve code readability.

We can use directives as HTML elements

<listing> </listing>

custom class names

<div class=”listing”></div>

or custom element attributes

<div listing></div>

  1.  Ease of Use

AngularJS with its rich feature set makes development easier by reducing the need to write code. It takes the burden off your head by implementing MVC architecture. For implementing data models you don’t need to write getters and setters. Also, directives are not the part of app code so other team working parallel can manage it. All these things minimize the need of writing the code.

  1.  Client Side solution

AngularJS functions on client side and is compatible with both desktop and mobile browser. It can be used for any project as there are no back end modifications required. Therefore, it can be used safely for developing the front end of any application.


What’s important, there’re various solutions for AngularJS that solve a variety of tasks with ready-made modules.  AngularJS doesn’t require you to follow strict project structure. You can create applications with a pretty varied structure. It is also possible to use it for creating so called hybrid applications.

Feel free to connect with us if you too are looking out for a team that can translate your business ideas into a product, in the shortest possible time or leave us a comment below on your experiences with AngularJS.

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