20 Aug 2016

Pink Shastra – Healthcare Startup dedicated to AYUSH way of life

Today, Tuesday, 21st June 2016 when the world is celebrating International Yoga Day, its a day for double celebration for all of us. As the world practices and experiences the joys of Yoga, we bring to you India’s first healthcare platform completely dedicated to AYUSH way of life.

For those who are oblivious to the term AYUSH, it stands for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.

Namaskar India !! Welcome to world of Natural Therapy.

Pink Shastra (www.pinkshastra.com), co-founded by Shubho Sengupta (a Digital Brand Wizard) & Dr. Aman Khera (a Health Care Management Expert), is a 100% natural, non-critical healthcare service that offers solutions to women (men too are welcome) with non-critical health issues. Pink Shastra promotes the AYUSH way of life that even the Govt of India is encouraging and supporting through the Ministry of Ayush (http://www.indianmedicine.nic.in).

VAYUZ Technologies

Pink Shastra offers:


  • Online consulting services through a panel of AYUSH experts who give general advice.
  • The sale of 100% Natural Non-Prescriptive OTC items through India’s first ecommerce store exclusively dedicated to natural medicine.
  • A generic knowledge platform for anyone interested in the AYUSH way of life.

With over 10+ healthcare categories ranging from skin care to hair loss to weight issues to addiction problems to stress & anxiety, Pink Shastra is your gateway to connect with AYUSH experts and find natural solutions.

I will probably leave it to the Cofounders to write another article about the benefits of natural therapy and how effective it is in reaching a state of “wholesome wellness” .

Guess who is mentoring?


Mr. Arvind Gupta with the Team

Pink Shastra team is being closely mentored and guided by none other then Mr. Arvind Gupta himself. An Eisenhower fellow for Innovation and the brains behind Digital and Social Media campaign for Prime Minister Modi during Elections 2014. Mr Arvind Gupta earlier used to lead BJP’s Technology Initiatives and is currently the CEO of Government’s ambitious project MyGov.in. He is gungho about the entire concept and believes its an idea whose time has come.

Technology Integration

Still in early days, Pink Shastra is focusing on developing a seamless solution, which can be made largely accessible across India. The current solution stack empowers AYUSH experts with mobile apps so that they can handle online consultations on the go. Users will be moved to a mobile app economy in the near future.


Akhil (VAYUZ) giving a mobile app walk through to AYUSH Experts

As Cofounder of VAYUZ, its a moment of joy for all of us since we have seen the entire journey unfold and an idea translate into reality. As a Technology Partner, VAYUZ has worked hand-in-glove with Pink Shastra’s founding team to create and develop the entire eco-system. At this moment, I would also like to put in a special word for Akhil (Aki), who has spearheaded the development effort @ VAYUZ and has been largely responsible for the entire project coordination and management. A big thanks to some of the other unsung champs Shobhita, Aamir, Nitin, Abid and rest of the gang @ VAYUZ .


Left to right: Pooja (that’s me), Shubho, Akhil, Dr. Khera

These are early days and the system will surely have scope for improvements both from UX and functional perspective. So we invite you all to have a peek at Pink Shastra and write to us on info@pinkshastra.com with your suggestion and feedback.

We value your opinion and look forward to all your suggestions to make Pink Shastra deliver wholesome wellness through natural therapy.

About Pooja Chauhan

Poo has a story to share, a really larger than life story to share, a story which should inspire a generation of girls to achieve more. Hopefully she will share this story sometime soon. She was a national level athlete, hockey player as well as a NCC cadet before she gave it all up to pursue her professional career. She did her MBA in Marketing from PTU and is a big digital enthusiast. She has close to a decade of experience in Customer Interfacing Management roles in Retail and Technology vertical. She has worked with brands like Pepsico, Pernod Ricard and was also one of the founding members of ideaPot. Poo spearheads business strategy, communication, customer engagements and P & L of the organization. Her consultative approach to handle customer engagements is one the main reasons why our Product Engineering Team gives paramount precedence to business goals. She is not risk averse and would go a thousand miles to find the right answers. Her never ending enthusiasm to identify “what is my 100%” drives the entire organization to strive for more.

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