04 Feb 2021

How to increase brand awareness through social media?

It might seem ‘retro’ for some people to talk about brand awareness through social media, but even after so much of digitalization and specially after COVID-19 businesses and marketers face difficulties to market their content get the attention it should be getting in the first place! 

So, keeping that in mind here are some tips to make your content reach the mass.

Know and Understand Your Market

It is vital to understand the people you want to give your services to and what do they want from you. With everything being on social media nowadays it has become a search engine where all the data and information is available to people. So instead of getting on the social media horse right away first step should be to research what kind of posts related to your business people interact with the most. 

Try Making a Good Cocktail of Engagement and Action

Getting the formula of good mix of engagement and action is very critical. An engagement post can be a funny or informative post just to keep the curiosity alive but what an actionable post will do is that it will redirect the traffic from your post towards your blogs, websites, YouTube etc. Try experimenting with this mix as it is different for everyone, and what sticks to your unique audience.

Be Quick to Jump on the TRENDS Train

Across all the social media platforms there’s always a HOT topic or news that is doing rounds. Trending topics are the best way to link your business-related content to the topic of interest on social media and get the most out of it in terms of getting visibility. 

Consistency is the KEY!

Now there are lot of businesses who would upload one or two posts once in a while just to keep their account alive but the key to getting the attention and converting that attention into customers the account should be more active than alive, this means that you have the data as how your advertisement campaigns have been doing in terms of impressions based on this data plan and create more posts or memes – one of the best ways to keep make sure you have the active crowd on your account (doesn’t mean you need to convert your business account into meme account); and upload them regularly which ensures a regular flow of attention to your post/account. 

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