30 Jul 2020

How much does it cost to create a food delivery app?

Well, the cost and time of app development for food delivery depend upon a number of factors. First, how many features you want to include in on-demand meal service. Second, whether it is designed for mobile users, desktop users, or both. Third, the type of vendor you choose is well-experienced or unfitted. Last, the very major point is a location that can either demand for heft money or saves a lot with similar traits.

If you want to build a fully customized, innovative, high-tech, and feature-packed app, the estimated cost of building a food delivery app is $ 5,000 to $ 8,000. And it can take more than 400 hours to develop. It may fluctuate in case of special occasions and festival deals. But, make sure the following hallmarks are including and offers a wide range of services.

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Separate access to everyone

The Uber for food delivery works on a three-sided business model.

1. Customers app

It allows the eaters for profile creation in which they can make their account and register their identity. The registered user can access in-built features at their fingertips. They can freely order a number of meals anytime from any restaurant and pay from mobile phones.

2. Drivers app

The delivery boys deliver the order at customer doorsteps and collect the payment from them. They have the right to accept and reject the orders in case of emergency and based on the locations where they unable to go.

3. Restaurants app –

It gives huge benefits to restaurant owners in terms of generating several orders from multiple places. They can leverage their revenue and earn a reputation through their food quality.

4. Complete customization

The money should be invested in the right way so choose those services which provide flexible customize solutions to make changes from all platforms. There is no benefit of purchasing additional software for making alterations in existing apps. The better way is to get assistance from qualified professionals which can transform the look & functionality without losing previous data.

5. In-app navigation

The navigation feature is essential to send the eateries at the correct destination. This is beneficial for restaurants, delivery men, and customers who can send or receive meals in no time. Even one can pre-schedule the lunch, breakfast, and dinner for kith & kin anywhere.

6. Feedback, rating & reviews

It is important to know whether the food delivery app gives profits or lower the response. The customers can rate the service and can complain or praise the boy who comes for delivery. Followed by eating points that will get to know whether eaters like their meals or not.

Thus, you can guesstimate the expense to create an app for online food delivery based on the mentioned key-points. You can consider Suffescom that involves all such features in mobile app design & development that you may find helpful and unique.

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