Foodies & Home Chefs

Foodies & Home Chefs

India's f&b industry is expected to reach INR. 3.8 trillion in sales with a 24 % annual growth. 5.8 million people in India are employed in this industry. This figure is expected to reach 8.7 million by 2021. This means that about six lakh people will be required in the industry every year.

This increase in demand has forced people to consider alternate solutions to their culinary needs and with highly trained resources available at every doorstep - Home Chefs. This increase in demand to consume home-made food without compromising on quality and hygiene gave birth to a new category –– home chef aggregators.This untapped talent does not have the platform to showcase to the world and you need 12 to 15 government licenses to open an outlet in India.

This gave a rise to those who act as aggregators to chefs in the city, who provide home-cooked meals to the residents of the city / area. This startup approached VAYUZ with the clear aim to provide home cooked food to the people of the city and also to generate employment by involving home chefs (men and women).


 Technology Consulting

 UI/UX Development

Workflow Optimization

Application Development

3rd Party API Integration

The Solution

The Solution is a mobile app which allows the users to order home made food through the app and an onther one for the chefs to service requests from their customers. The App largely focuses on CHAT module to build the customer's order with a series of questions and the individual chat that they would otherwise have to build the order.

 Features of the application are: 

Customer app-

  • Chat Module / Personalize your order
  • Order Building Flow 
  • Negotiate Pricing 
  • Google Map integration for location
  • Radius Search 
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Sms Gateway Integration 
  • Order from available ready made dishes
  • View orders
  • Order from multiple chefs at once
    Close order ticket
    Order Now / Later

Chef app-

  • Build profile
  • Upload dishes
  • Chat with customers
  • View orders
  • Accept / reject order requests