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The Netherlands has a rich nautical heritage and 4,400 Km of navigable waterways. It is as easy in some areas to travel on water as it is to travel on land. Boat ownership in Holland is high, with more than half a million boats currently on the water.

That's about one boat for every 32 people. Amsterdam, the capital city, is no different with about 165 canals and 2500 Houseboats. The customer, a Netherland based shipping and maritime company, approached VAYUZ to develop a mobile based ecosystem, which would empower boaters with critical functionalities to navigate through the vast waterways with ease.


 Technology Consulting

 UI/UX Development

Workflow Optimization

Application Development

3rd Party API Integration

The Solution

The Solution is a mobile app ecosystem (both iOS and Android) coupled with analytics driven Web Based Dashboard for Boat Owners. Critical features built into the app included:

  • Boat Tracking (GPS tracking device), which was a challenge to start with as the sea / water does not have a marked street as on land. The path covered by the boat is represented by a dotted line.
  • Save path travelled as an image.
  • Discover nearby Marinas on Map.
  • Discover restaurants, boat repair shops etc on the map.
  • Stay updated with Weather Feeds.
  • Payment Integration enabling demurrage payment with a click of a button.
  • Start and Stop the Timer for parking time and auto payment deduction.
  • Entertainment feeds from the world of water sports in form of Magazines and News Feeds.