Beauty & Wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Fast growing and prolific, the beauty salon industry is built on products and services that help us look our best. The beauty salon industry can be segmented into hair, skin, nail, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, deodorants, antiperspirant, feminine cleaning, oral hygiene etc. Skincare has the highest market share. Beauty and wellness industry global net worth is expected to cross USD 3.4 Trillion ! The growth potential of beauty salons depends on a variety of factors including demographics, population growth, and latest beauty techniques making it an early adopter of technology benefitting Small salons which contribute heavily to the industry while the 50 largest companies draw just 15% of overall revenue.

Singapore holds a strong presence in this market segment in the APAC region with over a 1000 salons. Some of them operate like deli counters where customer take tickets and wait for their turns. The client approached VAYUZ to design and develop a solution to solve this problem and to avail beauty and wellness services at own comfort.


 Technology Consulting

 UI/UX Development

Workflow Optimization

Application Development

3rd Party API Integration

The Solution

The Solution, for the obvious reasons, is a mobile app which becomes "the go-to" discovery platform for customers in Singapore and the APAC region. The solution demanded a separate business app for the service providers.

A few features of the platform are as follows:

Features of the customer application are-

  • Service Providers 
  • Locate Nearby Services Providers (Google Maps)
  • Book Services 
  • At the salon, or
  • At your home
  • Payment gateway integration
  • View Service provider profile and portfolio
  • Avail coupons, discounts and offers 
  • Social media login 
  • Reminders on your recent bookings 
  • View recent bookings 
  • Rating and Reviews


Feature list for the service provider - 

  • View and Manage bookings (Calendar)
  • Create Discounts and offers
  • Manage Profile and Portfolio 
  • SOS 
  • View payments 
  • Manage Service provider subscription